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With so many nutrition bars claiming wholesomeness, how do you know which ones are and which ones are basically junk food in a pretty wrapper? With so many choices, how do you know which to buy? Continue reading to learn more about which nutrition an/or protein bars you should buy and ones to avoid.

What to Look for in Nutrition Bars

Most protein bars have about 150 to 250 calories and are made with only natural ingredients. Quality protein bars usually have seven or more grams of protein along with three or more grams of fiber. Lastly, healthy protein bars tend to have less than 13 grams of sugar. But what nutrition bars fit the criteria?

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The Best Nutrition Bars

Health Warrior: Lemon Goldenberry: This is one of the protein bars you want to buy. The Health Warrior Lemon Goldenberry bar is rich in whole ingredients such as peas, chia seeds, quinoa and oats. The chia seeds are infused with fiber, proteins and omega-3 acids. The dry chia seeds turn into a gel-like substance, which will help you feel full. Not to mention, this bar is a fantastic way to get your intake of calcium.

Chocolate Sea Salt RXBAR: Your search for a fresh list of ingredients ends here. The Chocolate Sea Salt RXBAR comes with six natural ingredients that are everyday foods; almonds, cashews, dates, egg whites, sea salt and cacao. The egg whites within this wholesome snack are an amazing source of protein and since it’s just the whites, it has fewer calories and still provides all of the necessary protein. It’s also a great source of potassium, which helps lower your blood pressure while simultaneously countering sodium.

KIND Protein, Crunchy Peanut Butter: When reading the nutrition label on these bars, you’ll notice they lead with heart-healthy nuts as the #1 ingredient. Additionally, they are gluten-free with 12 grams of plant protein and are a great source of healthy fiber. Made with healthy, non-GMO ingredients, KIND Protein Bars also have a low glycemic index, which will help you better manage and improve your blood sugar levels.

Avoid These Nutrition Bars

Balance Bars: Unfortunately, Balance Bars is one brand you may want to consider avoiding. Just because they have a flashy wrapper doesn’t mean that they’re healthy. The ingredients used in Balance Bars are far from wholesome. Sitting at the top of the list are glucose syrup, sugar, palm oil, fructose. Balance bars also contain caramel color, which is not natural.

Green SuperFood Energy Bars: Don’t let the words “energy”, “green” and “superfoods” get the better of you. This protein bar is one of the unhealthiest bars on the shelves. The Green SuperFood Energy Bar has 25 grams of sugar. Even though it is comprised of various teas, roots and powders, you can get the same nutrition from eating fruits and vegetables with the sugar rush.

Protein and nutrition bars are meant to be a quick, wholesome snack rich in vitamins and minerals, not a sugar-infused candy bar in disguise. So, before you dig in, look at the list of ingredients. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t be eating it.